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Lifting Weights After A Hiatus

May 26, 2010

I started weight training last night. I haven’t lifted very much since college. I think after years of lifting in high school for football and then lifting in college to try to stay in shape I finally got burnt out. So I’ve taken a few years off. It’s been a nice break and has allowed me to focus on other things, like mountain biking and spending time with my wife. But now I feel like its time to take my training up a notch, and the best way to do that is by incorporating some strength training.

I’ve got a couple of events I’m looking at finishing this year. I’ve already done the White Rim Road, but I’m also doing a charity ride called the Courage Classic at the end July. And this fall I might be doing a sprint triathlon again. (If I can force myself into the water.) In order to finish these events strong I know that some weight training would be a nice complement to my biking. Cross training (doing more than one type of exercise) cuts down on injuries and keeps you strong in the later stages of events, when everyone else gets tired. So I’ve decided to supplement my training with some circuit training.

Circuit training involves lifting a weight that you can do 10-12 times per set. After each set you move right on to the next exercise. By minimizing rest between sets you get a great cardio workout too. This week I’m only going to do two sets, but next week I’ll increase it to three. By doing this routine twice a week, I’m hoping to increase my strength and stamina on my mountain bike, increase power on my road rides, and keep back pain from longs rides and Camelbaks to a minimum.

Here is the workout I’m following, from the book The Abs Diet from Men’s Health.

Ab Section (1-2 sets)
Crunch 12-15 reps
Bent-Leg Knee Raise 12-15 reps
Oblique V-Up 10 each side
Bridge 1-2 reps (30-45 sec each)
Back Extension 12-15 reps

Weight Section (2-3 sets) (30 sec rest between each exercise)
Squat 10-12 reps
Bench Press 10
Pulldown 10
Military Press 10
Upright Row 10
Tri Pushdown 10-12
Leg Extension 10-12
Bicep Curl 10
Leg Curl 10-12

Go through the circuit once, take a 2-5 minute break, and then do the circuit again. I’m going to use dumbbells instead of barbells to work on my stabalizer muscles and fix any imbalances between the muscles on my right and left sides. I’ll stick with this routine for the next six weeks and see how my conditioning progresses.

What kind of exercise routine are you doing right now?


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