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Traveling Through Desert, Mountain, and Plain

June 17, 2010

driving directions from Grand Junction CO to Boise ID

Last night we pulled into Boise, ID around 11 o’clock. After ten hours of driving we finally reached our hotel. Time to get some sleep.

The drive itself wasn’t too eventful. As soon we left Junction the wind started to blow. All the way to Green River, UT we had a horrible crosswind. Multiply the wind resistance of our car by our two bikes on the top and you’ll understand why I was turning into the wind most of the time just to keep the car straight on the interstate.

Once we turned onto Highway 6 toward Salt Lake the crosswind thankfully become a tailwind, pushing us up the mountain passes above Price, UT. The green mountain sides and clear streams running beside the road made for gorgeous country. I’d love to come back and spend some time in this area, maybe do some camping.

We passed the giant wind farm outside of Salt Lake City, and then the city spread out before us. The wind didn’t stop on this side of the mountains. In fact, I think it blew harder. The wind kicked up so much dust it was impossible to see the tops of the mountains surrounding the city. The rain also turned on and off sporadically, increasing our peril. We drove through the city as fast as possible (not a fan of traffic) and turned onto Interstate 84.

This was my first time on 84 and I was kind of excited. I love seeing new places, even if I’m speeding down the road at 75 mph. There is a novelty factor the first time you see something, like the Snake River winding through southern Idaho or the miles of dairy farms in Jerome, ID. I liked that town, even though there was a certain smell associated with it that wafted through our air conditioning vents.

We are about to leave Idaho behind and then it’s off to Oregon. I’ve never stepped foot on Oregon soil. Soon I will get to mark another state off my list.


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  1. Theresa g permalink

    I’ve never been to any of those states! They sound beautiful but treacherous driving conditions. Glad your Rav endured so far!! Enjoy the next 8 hours!! Happy trails to you!!

  2. Johnny permalink

    Sounds like fun, driving to new places. I think of “A River Runs Through It”. Great movie!! Have fun!

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