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Of Friends and Farewells

July 21, 2010

End of Kokopelli with Isaac and Nick

The time is almost upon us. In just a few short weeks Stephanie and I will be making the move to Seattle. Since we’ve gotten back from our vacation, time has flown by. We started a list of things that we needed to complete before our move, and we have consistently and methodically marked them off our list. The list getting smaller each day, even though many things still need to be done.

While preparing for our move, I’ve taken the time to reflect on my past three years in Grand Junction and the friendships I have made. It is always frightening to move to a new place because you never know if you will connect with the right people. Making the right friends can be a long process of trial and error. You put yourself out there and try to be friendly, hoping the other person responds in a similar fashion. They might reciprocate your friendliness, or they could turn a cold shoulder. Maybe your personalities simply don’t mesh and therefore you never made a connection. Either way, the art of friend making takes time, effort, and perseverance.


Now I’m not talking about acquaintances, people you see every once in a while and the deepest the conversation ever gets is talking about the weather. I’m talking about true friends, people you can be yourself around. People that have seen your good and your bad side, and decided to stick around anyways. Someone you can laugh and have a good time with, but aren’t afraid to get serious when the need arises.

Developing these type of relationships don’t come without trials and hardships. I’ve had a few rocky moments with some of my close friends, but it is these moments that ultimately solidified our friendship. A friendship is made up of experiences. Whether good or bad, you have to experience life with someone to develop a friendship. I’ve done my best to put myself out there and experience life with those around me. And I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Jamming at Naggy McGees

In Grand Junction I’ve befriended guys who have been champion influences in my life, shaping the way I look at life and people. Guys who have spoken wisdom and truth into my life, even when it hurt. Guys I’ve laughed with, and in truly vulnerable moments, cried with as well. Friendship is a special and sacred thing. Thanks to all those whose friendship I have been so honored to gain.


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