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Like A Desert Sunrise

July 26, 2010

Sunrise over Grand Junction

This past weekend I directed my last service at Fellowship Church. I’ve been mixing sound there for over three years, learning as much about myself during that time as I have about my craft. To most people in the worship center, it was just another Sunday morning in church. But for me, it was the end of the first adventure of my adult life.

Three years ago I pulled out of my parent’s driveway in Ardmore OK, drove sixteen hours through the flat plains of the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, and then climbed the mountains of Colorado along Highway 50. After a very long day of driving my Mercury Sable, loaded down with all of my worldly possessions, I pulled into my new home, Grand Junction, CO.

I immediately fell in love with the people and the surrounding area. After being introduced to backpacking in college by my friend David King, I fell in love with the outdoors. And Grand Junction offered plenty to whet my appetite for wide open spaces. Whether I was hiking the desert trails of the Colorado National Monument, backpacking through the Maroon Bells Wilderness northwest of Aspen, or mountain biking at the Kokopelli Trails just down the road, I was in heaven.

bike on the kokopelli trail

Anytime life got difficult, or I needed to recharge my batteries, all I had to do was step outside and enter my giant playground. It was in Grand Junction that I first learned what real mountain biking was. I bought my first real bike for $50, an early ‘90s Raleigh hardtail that had been collecting dust in someone’s garage. I took that beast on every trail I could find, including the Slickrock Trail in Moab. Looking back, I can’t believe that thing survived the abuse I put it through. Did I mention it had a pink/purple/neon green paint job? I can’t begin to imagine how ridiculous I looked.

On my way to work this past Sunday I saw the sun starting to rise over Mt. Garfield and the Grand Mesa, two landmarks positioned at the eastern end of the Grand Valley like guard towers. I have sat and watched many sunrises since moving to Grand Junction, each one more beautiful than the last. As I watched the sun’s rays tint the edges of the clouds a golden orange, I thought about the newness that each sunrise brings.

The fire bright hues of pink, orange, and red signal the start of a new day, another chance to experience life to the fullest.

I don’t know exactly what is in store for Steph and I as we begin our new adventure. But like that sunrise signaled a new day full of possibilities, I know our move to Seattle sparks the beginning of something grand and wonderful.


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  1. Stephanie Green permalink

    I will miss beautiful Grand Junction. What an incredible sunrise!

  2. Kathy Hampson permalink

    God has awesome plans for you and Stephanie, we are excited for you and we’re SURE you will miss the Colorado mountains!

  3. Johnny permalink

    You and Steph will experience wonderful new things in Seattle. All the while, God’s hands are shaping you and molding you to complete the good works prepared beforehand that you were meant to accomplish.

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