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Home Sweet Home In Seattle

September 20, 2010

The front of our Seattle house

I’m not a huge fan of moving. I moved a ton college; every year I packed an entire dorm room’s worth of stuff into my car and drove it three hours to my parents house, where I would unload it. During my summers in college I went to summer school in Ohio and had an internship in Colorado. Each time required packing my car for both the trip there and the trip home. Needless to say, I wasn’t very excited about the process of moving (not the move itself) when we headed out to Seattle.

When we pulled into Seattle we dumped all of our stuff from our 16 foot truck into a storage unit on the 3rd floor of a Public Storage. For the next three weeks we lived out of suitcases and a couple boxes of food and clothes at a friend’s house while we searched for a place to live. Steph scoured Craigslist, looking for a place that was in good condition, but still within our budget.

Living Room view

One of the people we met while on vacation a few months back, Tamara, asked if we would be interested in community housing. Steph and I had talked about community housing before with our friends Nick and Hillary and Seth and Carrie, but we never thought we would be able to do it. Still, we knew that if we pooled our resources with Tamara and her son Sam, we would be able to get a nicer place while still staying within our limited budget.

We spent our afternoons driving around to different houses in northern Seattle (the area we both wanted to live in), trying to find a place to call home. We visited house after house but none of them seemed to fit. Then Steph noticed an ad on Craigslist for an nondescript 50’s style home that was close to where we were staying. We added it to our list of places to view and headed out again. None of the houses seemed right; either they were too small, or the utility bills were outrageous. Did you know that some houses still use oil for heating?!

The last house on our list was the 50’s style home we had seen on Craigslist. The ad hadn’t had much of a description and only one small picture of the outside. We turned onto 95th St (in my opinion one of the steepest streets in Seattle) and pulled into the driveway. The yard wasn’t in great shape and the house did look like it was from the 50’s, but when we turned around we discovered it had a panoramic view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains from its living room window. Hmmm, this could work.

Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains

Still excited about the view, we toured the house and discovered there was plenty of room for all of us, and it was within our limited budget. It also had a garage and a work bench. We had found our home!

A few weeks later we signed the rental agreement and once again loaded our personal belongings and moved them out of the storage unit and into our new house. But this time I was excited.

We had a found our first home in Seattle. We had almost no traffic on our street. We were close to the city, but still far enough away to not feel crowded. And the view ain’t bad either.

More pics of our house


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  1. Patsy permalink

    What a neat story – thank you so much for sharing and keeping us up to date on your journey. Love you guys.

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