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My First Washington Hike: Ascending Mount Stuart in the Cascade Range

Jeremy on top of Mount Stuart

I’ve been looking for a chance to explore the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle since moving from Colorado. My friend Matt Angove, a doctor in the Seattle area, invited me on a hiking trip with him and his family so I jumped on the opportunity. According to Wikipedia,

the Cascades are a major mountain range of western North America, extending from southern British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California and include both non-volcanic and volcanic mountains.

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First Week of Mars Hill Graduate School

Mars Hill Graduate School

Mars Hill Graduate School started their fall semester this week. Stephanie and I attended the orientation on Monday, eager to hear what we would each be experiencing over the next three years, her from a student’s perspective, myself from a spouse’s point of view.

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Making A Washington Wild Blackberry Pie

Phil Lasley eats wild blackberries

While walking through Carkeek Park the other day, my wife and I stumbled upon a patch of wild blackberry bushes. I’d never seen wild blackberry bushes before and a local Seattleite told us to try one. I plucked one off the bush and bit into it. The juice had a sweet, tart flavor that reminded me of blackberry pie (of course). After devouring a handful, our fingers covered in berry juice, we decided to return later and gather enough berries to make our own pie.

The next evening we walked back to the park, containers in hand, and spent a couple hours picking the juiciest berries we could find. During the picking process I learned a few things about wild berry picking.

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